A Place for Painting

Green Man Art Studio

Green Man Art Studio

Green Man Art Studio

Green Man Art Studio

Where do you create? Do you have a separate space, room, building? Or, like most of us, do you cram your craft supplies and making space in the cracks between other rooms in the home?

For a couple years I had all my sewing and craft things in the kitchen – where I would sew when the boys were in bed. Then I commandeered my bedroom, forging out a nook in the corner (which quickly spread all over the room!), and at the beginning of this year I drastically downsized my insane craft and hobby collection, keeping some fabric, a little yarn, and space for my increasing art and illustration interest. The sewing table became a drawing desk! But I have to admit that usually when I’m in my bedroom workspace I prefer to take the drawing board and sit it on my knee on the bed. Yes my bedsheets are all covered in paint and glue. I just call them bespoke bedsheets and it makes me feel better.

But when it came to painting canvases the bedroom space wasn’t working at all. Too cramped and no where to leave wet paint, and as I wanted to get into oils, the ventilation was not adequate (who wants to sleep with the odour of brush cleaner?).

I finally managed to forge a wee space in our outside room between the coats, shoes and books, near enough to the back door for a fan to blow toxic fumes out and with enough fantastic light for me to paint right up to sun down.

Last night I sat out and messed around with acrylics and oils and it was just what I needed. More than I knew. A space of my own, a place to be able to leave things out and walk away. A space to ignore the pile of dishes, or laundry, or to do lists, and simply lose myself in the canvas ahead.

Who knew that studio spaces were indeed needed? Having made ‘do’ with space available in my small house for so long this little nook is appreciated.


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